Who are we

Based in Huddersfield, UK. Weblinea is a web design and development agency that focus on online brand development. Whether its for a local business or a high end retailer, we can help your business grow online.  We take pride in delivering web solutions for our customers and an accountable, friendly service.


We take the time to study exactly what you are all about, your main selling points and learn to understand your vision and objectives. You can sit down with a Weblinea representative and have a friendly chat about where your business and ideas are going. We will advice you on all things web and point you in the right direction even if our services are not what you require.


Our services include:

Web design and development: We traditionally use the WordPress CMS system to develop your website, this gives us an edge on performance and because it’s a CMS (Content Management System) you are able to make easy changes to your website whenever you like.

Content development: If you don’t have the written material for your website we can help you out with our content writing input. We also work on delivering articles for your sites and channels as well as other content when requested.

SEO: Want to rank first in Google’s search engine? Our latest SEO techniques and methods will have your website ranking higher as well as increasing your websites visibility and revenue.

Hosting: You can jump on our website hosting waggon with exclusive hosting on Weblinea for spectacular prices that beat all the mainstream hosting providers. Making your web experience easy and smooth sailing, Weblinea can also handle all this work and maintenance for you.

Analytics: If you’re really focusing on the details you will need to analyse your user’s behaviour to see which campaigns are working and what needs for with your website. We provide analytic reports that can enable you to make revenue increasing decisions for your brand.

All in one

Are you too busy to maintain your website? Weblinea are here to act as your independent website manager and handle your technical issues, security, search rankings, analytical reports and hosting.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to us about your ideas you can email us personally at info@weblinea.com. Similarly, you can click on the help icon peeping out of the right side of the screen on any of our web pages.