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How to add Google Analytics tracking to your website 2017. (WordPress and code)


In this video I go through how you can add Google Analytics tracking to your own website yourself. Tracking allows us to check our websites usage and user behaviour stats. It is an essential that every online business needs. Using Google Analytic can save you so much time and money by showing you where and when to place marketing campaigns, what products are selling the best and where you are losing your customers attention.

8 ways you can protect yourself online.

Purchasing items online can be fun, but at the same time this does come with a wide range of risks. If you want to stay away from any potential problems, we created a list of tips that will help you secure your online shopping experience.

Wifi image

1. Make your Wi-Fi connection private. It will be a lot better for you since no one will be able to access your browsing data. Another good idea here would be to use a VPN. This way even the Internet Provider will be unable to access the info that you share online, all you have to do is to make sure that you work with a reputable VPN service to avoid any issues.