Is wWordPress the best CMS

How can a WordPress CMS work for you

(Content Management Systems) CMS, are websites that have been created onto a user friendly management platform allowing its users to make changes to a website in a more modern fashion than using all the backend coding. Over the years CMS has become increasingly popular, now more than ever people are making the switch, pulling all their data and written content into these organized platforms. Businesses from all sizes and even government organizations such as the councils are also using CMS.  

How to manage your website without coding… 

It all comes down to the simple reasons, CMS makes editing a website quick and simple. But still it’s not always easy. In the new age of technology, websites are constantly being updated with fresh content. Fresh content is simply adding new images, text, banners and web design. The CMS make adding new content to a website 100% quicker. The CMS simply only asks the user to target the area of insertion, paste the new content and your site is fresh. Using a raw coding language on the other hand, requires the admin to open up the coding files, carefully place the content into the coding script (try doing this as a beginner) and then reuploading the files to the server. It is definitely trickier, and for someone who is not tech savvy it will be a nightmare.  

In comparison, a CMS has enabled users to simply add new content by using methods that do not require tricky coding or file uploads. Instead many CMS are ‘human friendly’.  

Save time and money! 

Okay so it’s quicker… simpler and more user friendly… why else should I use a CMS? 

You don’t have to use CMS, some people still only use raw coding for their websites and it works. That is absolutely fine. What we are saying is a CMS can make life so much easier, that is ENOUGH OF A REASON! We don’t have time anymore to be spending hours on our code for simple updates, and many of us don’t have the luxury of hiring a professional to do this work in our business. If you are the same, CMS will save you bags of time and money for your company. As expressed earlier, we can now see many large organizations and businesses using CMS to control their websites. A council has so many staff members that they need a CMS humans can understand and not just professional website developers. The CMS give other staff members a chance to shape the web themselves when they need to. Ultimately creating a more effective work place.  

Okay so what’s the best CMS our there? 

Content Management Systems come in all shapes and sizes. Many government organizations and large businesses are known to use private CMS systems such as Kentico and Typo 3, these can cost up to 100,000k for the license and a website installation. However, there are many other cheaper alternatives that are just as good and if not better you can get for a fraction of the price.  

Some of the best FREE license CMS are: 






All these platforms are free in license terms, they allow dynamic website development with the endless list of plugins and easily editable dashboards. You get a human friendly website that comes with a simple content update system. In these CMS, your dashboard is your editing home and here you can easily change colours, fonts, add pages, images and event features to the website. For more complex changes they have a back end in which, PHP, CSS and HTML is usually displayed for your editors to make changes to. 

How do I get started 

If you have experience in website development then you should definitely explore all or some of these platforms. However, if you are just looking for a website and want yours to be completed with a Content Management System you should get a trusted website developer to create you a website and tell them you will need to make changes and updates easily using a CMS. Your website developer will be able to create a website exactly how you need it and the CMS will allow you to make updates when you need to.  

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